How will my cookies arrive?

They will arrive in a vacuum sealed pouch which you can cut open and then store in an airtight container. They will NOT arrive as “Gooey” and as moist as they come out of the oven as shipping them would be very difficult. We provide a detailed “Cookie Care Card” on how to heat them to get that “out of the oven” experience. If we ship them without allowing them adequate cooling time they will stick together and be “mush”. Two detailed methods are provided to achieve that “moist, out of the oven” experience.


Cookie Protection: Due to shipping delays, costs and our customer feedback, we have decided to add an ADDITIONAL protective layer of packaging to safeguard our cookies for freshness. As we do not use any preservatives, we want you to have the BEST customer experience. Our freshly baked cookies will be packed in our cello bags and then put in a thick, vacuum sealed, airtight bag to protect further during the shipping process. This process is designed to lock in flavor and moisture and preserve the integrity of the cookie.



We use premium ingredients for all our cookies:  Flour, butter, sugar, pure Vanilla, and eggs.  We strive to bake our cookies with NO added preservatives so our shelf life is fairly short.  Once you receive your product, you can freeze it, unless you want to consume immediately.  It is always best to freeze cookies in an airtight container and thaw before you consume.


Cookie Tips:

*Cookies can be stored in the freezer to extend shelf life in an airtight container. Restore to room temperature before consumption. 

*Another great tip for Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin is microwaving for 10 to 12 seconds to get that warm freshly baked texture and consistency or on a heated baking tray. 

We have a detailed Cookie Care Card that can explain this further and is included in every box.

*Key lime, Gingerbread and other sugar cookies can be left to thaw at room temperature to restore. These traditionally have a longer shelf life of 3 weeks.


What are your bakery hours?

We are a Monday through Friday commercial bakery. Our office hours are 9am to 2pm. For quickest response please send an email to Info@cookiesbyshar.com.  We usually reply as soon as we are in the office.  If you have an issue, please reach out to us via email at info@cookiesbyshar.com or call us at the bakery (954) 689-2205. We have a hard time handling issues on social media so it is best to email us for quickest response.


We do sell directly to stores such as Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble Cafe's and online through WilliamsSonoma.com,  we also sell directly to the public through our website.


We are really excited that we are now able to ship all our Product Fedex 2 days.   

*We bake the same day we ship. Unfortunately, we cannot safeguard against weather or the forces of Nature. For example, if cookies arrive with chocolate melted, this should not affect the integrity of the cookie. We do everything we can to protect the product so when it arrives it is intact.  Our new packaging definitely helps to keep cookies intact and keep moisture locked in. (Follow our care card, for the best experience)


How long before I receive my order?

We bake and ship the SAME day. We try to ship the orders the day after we receive them, but depending on our workload, it can sometimes take up to 2 days. We only ship Monday to Wednesday as we would like to keep the delivery time as short as possible and not risk cookies sitting in a warehouse. As soon as we ship, you will receive notification.  After that, it can take up to 3 days to receive your order although MOST of the time it comes in 2 days.



**We have been informed by Fedex that SOME packages can be delayed an extra day due to Covid-19 and the volume of packages being shipped. Unfortunately, we are experiencing this with all carriers. Please read our Shipping Disclaimer.


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing of orders Monday to Wednesday.

Any orders received on a Thursday, Friday or over a weekend are only processed on the next Monday.

All orders are shipped out Fedex with a 2 to 3 business day transit time, depending on your location. We really push for a 2 day transit time, but we vacuum seal so if it takes up to 3 days, the cookies are still good.


$0.01 to $49.98 - $12.00 - Fedex 2 Day shipping

$75.00 and up -  FREE - Fedex 2 Day shipping


*NOTE* We ship from Florida and only ship Monday to Wednesday.

We do not ship internationally.


What if you ship to the wrong/incorrect address?  

Just so you are aware, we cannot change or modify the address that the customer inputs into the order form.  So please check the address and make sure it is correct. If you have an incorrect address listed, call us as soon as you can so we can attempt to fix it.  We have had situations where the customer said the address that we input is incorrect, rest assured we cannot change the address you input.  Please check carefully that it is going to the correct place.  Sometimes, if you mistakenly input an incorrect address, you can call Fedex to change it if still in transit. All you need is the tracking number which is in your email and the Toll Free number for Fedex which is 1-800-463-3339.


What if my package shows as delivered, but I did not receive it?

Unfortunately, you will have to call Fedex to claim. Again, we print our shipping label EXACTLY as the Customer inputs the address and if not delivered could be an issue with wrong house delivery, or someone mistakenly picking up your package.  We can try and help you locate the package, but the burden will fall on the mail carrier.  We will do our best to help you. The package is insured with Fedex, and although it can be very frustrating Fedex will usually take care of it.   



If you select local pick up as an option, please wait for an email to say your order is ready for pick up. Kindly note our office hours for pick up times:

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 12.30pm



For health and safety reasons, food and perishable products are not returnable or exchangeable. Cookies By  Shar, Inc. therefore is unable to accept returns. 


Note: Manufactured in a facility that processes other products which may contain trace elements of nuts, wheat and eggs


Our goal is to give you the best experience- We love feedback. The past few months have been tough for us as it has been for many.  If something went wrong, please let us know.

XO Shar Melwani

And the Cookies By Shar Team


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