A cookie must taste great, but also look great!

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We do custom design and hand decorated sugar cookies created specifically for your company or event.



We do custom printed logo sugar cookies created specifically for your company or event. 

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Note To Our Customers

Due to shipping delays, costs and our customer feedback, we have decide to add an ADDITIONAL layer of packaging to safeguard our cookies for freshness. As we do not use any preservatives, we want you to have a great customer experience. Our freshly baked cookies will be packed in our Cello bags and then put in a Vacuum sealed bag to protect further during the shipping process. This process is designed to lock in flavor and moisture and preserve the integrity of the cookie. 

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Just had a few of the chocolate chips made for the UMA show. Probably the best darn cookie I've ever had! 👍 Keep up the good work!

Richard G

Just bought two packages of chocolate chip cookies at the Ft. Lauderdale airport for my family back in NY. They loved them. They were a hit!

Natalia A

These Chocolate chip cookies are soooo addictive!

Susan B

Literally the best chocolate chip cookies!!!

Danielle M

Great experience! They were easy to work with, provided feedback for my request, sent over 150 cookies without any breaking & they were absolutely delicious! Will use again for any corporate cookie need!

Stephanie A

I ate most of the cookies. I did freeze them. I reheated a cookie in the oven when I was ready to eat one. They are delicious.

Caryn D.

They were absolutely delicious. I enjoyed just as much as the chocolate chip cookies. They came at a reasonable time frame.

Patricia W

Outrageous! The best cookies and brownies I’ve had in years.

Mitchell L

I’d ♥️These Cookies A Million Times!! Damn Good!!

Edith P